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Ep 12 – Erin Cooney

Erin Cooney is the first American-born to pass the O.D.C.R.N. Irish Dance Teacher Diploma from Cumann Rince Náisiúnta in Dublin, Ireland. Born and raised on a farm in Minnesota, U.S.A., Erin had a unique journey to becoming an Irish Dancer and an Irish Dance Teacher.

Erin started teaching Irish Dance to children on a weekly basis when she was twenty-two years old.  As she got older and her Irish Dance student list began to grow, Erin found it difficult to juggle her Irish dance teaching schedule with her her full-time day job, in addition to being a wife and a mom.

So, after ten years of being a traveling Irish Dance teacher, Erin decided to open up her own Irish Dance Studio in order to offer a higher-quality and more authentic Irish Dance experience to her students, with the benefit of having all her classes under one roof.

After experiencing both pitfalls and successes on her journey as an Irish Dance Studio Owner, Erin decided to start helping other Irish Dance Studio Owners by sharing what she has learned.

Erin’s online community, called “Irish Dance Studio Owners.” is a place for Irish Dance Teachers, and School/Academy/Studio Owners to learn, share, and collaborate. In addition, Erin offers an online course and business coaching services to help Irish Dance Studio Owners to stop wearing all the hats in their business so they can continue to grow and expand their program, start taking a paycheck, and win back some evenings and weekends to spend more time with their family and friends.

To request to be part of the Irish Dance Studio Owners’ online community, go to

To apply to work with Erin, go to

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