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Ep 24 – Angeline King

Angeline King, author of two novels and a children’s book, now turns her hand to the history of the Festival dance tradition in Irish Dance. She reveals a fascinating insight into, for some, a little known aspect of the Irish Dance community.

“As the first ever Festival-trained lead dancer of Riverdance, I am delighted to see this book, Irish Dancing: The Festival Story herald the remarkable contribution that Festival has made to the art form of Irish Dance. It’s also so good to read about all the familiar names, both teachers and competitors, that I grew up knowing personally or knowing of their legacy.”

Lauren Smyth, Lead Dancer, Riverdance.

“Irish Dancing: The Festival Story is the book that fills the gap in the long and wonderful history of Irish Dance. Highlighting the unique way that the style not only kept alive the form and grace of the dance, but allowed a shared culture to thrive despite its community being, at times, torn apart.”

Les Baird Principal dancer in Miss Mulholland’s Irish ballets
& WIDA adjudicator

We are happy to announce that we will be giving away a copy of Angeline’s book on instagram and one on facebook starting Wednesday, October 31st 2018. For more details on how to enter and win please follow us in instagram @irishdancepodcast and


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