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Ep 27 – Scott Porter

Scott Porter hails from Sydney, Australia. He was trained by the renowned Janice Currie Henderson. In his competitive Irish Dance career Scott won numerous titles across the world, in both solo and team competitions
Having enjoyed the competitive aspect of dancing, Scott undertook many TV and live performance roles with productions such as ‘Haste To The Wedding’, ‘Magical Rhythms of Ireland’, and Australian children entertainment sensation ‘The Wiggles’.
Scott joined the cast of ‘Riverdance – The Show’ in 1999. He went on to star as Lead Dancer, and then became Dance Captain for the Show’s US, and European productions.
After leaving ‘Riverdance’ in 2006 he became the Producer, and CEO of worldwide platinum selling groups, ‘Celtic Woman’ and ‘The High Kings’, whilst managing two record labels and a publishing company, simultaneously. 
Scott has produced, directed and choreographed critically acclaimed TV shows, and live show productions, that have aired and performed to millions of people around the globe.
Scott and his partner Lisa Kelly, now run and operate The Lisa Kelly Voice Academy, and Kavanagh Porter Warren Academy USA with locations in both Georgia and Florida. The couple wanted to establish a non-competitive and confidence building environment for budding vocalists, dancers, actors, and performers to thrive in. So far, this has been the highlight of Scott’s distinguished, and varied career. 
Scott and Lisa’s production company – Kelly Porter Productions – recently produced the Lisa Kelly ‘The Voice of Ireland’Lisa Kelly ‘A Celtic Christmas’, and Chloe Agnew ‘An Irish Heart’ concert productions.

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