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Ep 33 – Claire Greaney

Claire Greaney started dancing at the age of four in Primary school. Celine Hession was teaching dancing in the school and one of her associates noticed something about Claire that she liked. She mentioned it to her primary school teacher who encouraged Claire’s Mother to take her to dancing classes. She was a slow starter in the fact that her mother just loved that she loved it but was always featured once she came into open. It wasn’t until Claire was about 14 she realized that she had a talent that could take her places. From then on she started to dedicate herself to really working hard and focusing on the abilities she had. Claire didn’t win her first world title until the age of 17 but overall had an extremely successful competitive career. Throughout her competitive career she won: 6 World Championships; 5 All-Irelands; 7 Great Britains; 3 British Nationals; 2 All Scotlands; 2 Irish Nationals and 13 Connacht titles. She retired her competitive career in 2013 at the age of 23 In Boston.  Claire loved every second of her competitive dancing and felt very content with her decision to call it a day. 

Claire has been a member of Trad on the Prom for 13 years now starting in 2007. She had no real interest in the touring life and felt she had dedicated so much of her life to dancing at that point where she felt she missed out on other aspects of life too. She decided to enter  ‘The real world’ and she loves it because its nice to talk to people that don’t know anything about dancing and not have to think about dancing 24/7. Claire has always remained a part of her dancing school and is now a qualified TCRG with the Hession School.

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