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Ep 35 – Ian Luebbers

Ian Luebbers grew up in Pennsylvania, USA and began Irish dancing at age five. From the start he loved the process of competing and learning choreography and within a few years began competing at the highest level internationally.

He “retired” at age fifteen after feeling burned out from competition and eventually felt called to return at age eighteen with a new perspective on dancing. He developed the mindset of “inner before outer” as a way to focus on the process of ongoing improvement over external results.

He moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2017 and began training with the Holly & Kavanagh Dance Academy with the intention of taking his craft to the next level under elite mentorship and training conditions. In 2018 he achieved his childhood goal of winning the World Championships and now he spends his time enjoying the process of gradual improvement as he trains for the upcoming World Championships in Greensboro.

His message to younger and aspiring dancers is: “Nothing that happens in the world of Irish dancing reflects your inherent worth… it all just a mirror that reflects your mindset and how you see yourself. Change the way you see yourself and you’ll change the way you dance.”

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