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Ep 49 – Hannah Redlich

Hannah Redlich – in her words …

I truly believe artists are not confined to simply depicting the world around them, but may in fact shape the world itself.

At the age of 15, this realization spurred my interest in filmmaking and opened my eyes to what I firmly believe is my life’s calling. As one of the most widely consumed artistic mediums, film  has nearly unlimited potential to impact and influence every corner of the globe.  That’s why I want to be a part this industry.  That’s why I feel such a strong calling to tell stories.  Entertaining is only an added bonus… for me, it’s all about the message.

By 16, I’d commandeered my father’s old camcorder (vastly outdated and low tech, but I was happy so long as there was a record button), studied filmmaking by watching 15+ hours of ‘Lord of the Rings’ behind the scenes videos, and began posting my film endeavors on Youtube.  I gained a small following of friends and family who encouraged me to continue honing my craft.  

Then… Lin Manuel-Miranda changed my life.  After he watched and shared a video of mine entitled “Hamilton Irish Dance”, the video went viral and  my following grew exponentially, continuing to climb with every creation thereafter.  I began gaining recognition for my out-of-the-box ideas and unique vision both behind and in front of the camera.  

Through what seems a divinely orchestrated sequence of events, those Youtube videos shaped the course of my future!  My work caught the eye of a Los Angeles based non-profit who provided me an internship opportunity in the heart of LA.  My time in the ‘film capital of the world’ has only affirmed my calling to the industry and further ignited my passion for writing and directing. 

Time and time again, I’ve been told filmmaking is an art you must discover for yourself.  I’ve taken that idea to heart and continue ‘honing my voice’ by writing, directing, shooting, and editing projects which convey uplifting and impactful messages.


  1. David Redlich David Redlich

    This is a fabulous interview and I very much enjoyed hearing Hannah’s story and about her dance/film experiences which produced the spectacular person she is today. She has a VERY bright and successful future ahead of her, I’m a proud Uncle!

    • theiri10_wp theiri10_wp

      I quite agree David!

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