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Ep 54 – Maggie Wilkins

Maggie Wilkins began Irish Dancing at the age of 9 with the Ni’Fherraigh O’Ceallaigh School of Irish Dance in Newmarket and Bradford, Canada. During her 9 years with the studio she competed locally and internationally.

At 18, Maggie was accepted into the dance program at George Brown College and spent the next two years focusing on other styles of dance, including ballet, pointe, jazz, musical theatre and modern.

Using the technique and experience gained in the program, she returned to Irish Dance by competing with the Gilchrist-Canavan School of Irish Dance. While there she competed in 3 World Championships, assisted in competitive classes and taught her own adult recreational classes.

In 2015 Maggie founded the Retired not Tired Irish Dance League. RNT is a class and performance group made by and for retired Irish Dancers in Toronto, Canada. Weekly classes and performance opportunities allow adult dancers no longer active in the competitive circuit to continue their dance education, remain in the Irish Dance community and share their passion for dance. Occasionally there’s even dance gossip shared over a pint or two after class!

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